xDesk is a generic XPages application that can be used in a variety of situations such IT Helpdesk, Health and Safety Issue Reporting, Quality Management Issue Tracking and more.

This application was designed to be a simple workflow application that allows contributors to log issues and then have them actioned as appropriate.

As a business partner we at BSS IT Solutions use this application as the basis of receiving and processing support issues for some of our key customers. Dutch IBM Lotus solution provider Lialis also have used this application to help in the management of specific projects for their customers.

Some of the main features of xDesk include:

1. Create and action issues from any web browser, Notes Client or via email

A picture named M2

2. View issues by status and sort on the fly

A picture named M3

3. Search issues by keywords, date ranges and status

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4. Export resultant searches to Excel

5. Create comments and converstations for communications and auditing purposes

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6. Customize specific parameters via the keywords / admin area

7. View your own status updates and open issues at a glance throughout the application

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8. Upload and manage attachments

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We are actively looking to make improvements to the application. At the moment we are considering

1. Mobile interface (for issues assigned to me, overdue etc)
2. Eclipse RCP interface side bar widget as above
3. Graphing capabilities

We would appreciate any contact / feedback at BSS IT Solutions on any ideas, features or fixes. Alternatively give me a shout at Lotusphere 2011 or contact via our blog XSPTalk Blog - we would be delighted to discuss !

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