I've released a new version of XPages Mobile Controls (direct download).

Watch this video to see how to develop a mobile app for Genii Software's Lotusphere session database within minutes for WebKit based browsers (Android, iPhone, Blackberry).

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The biggest functional change of this release is the support for categorized views. You can now point to categorized views in which case first all categories are displayed and when clicked all view entries of that category. Another change related to views is that views don't have to have a view column with the doc unids anymore.

All necessary Dojo 1.5 code is in the database. I've created a custom build to combine all Dojo files in one file. No additional setup is required. The sample data is also stored in this database. The release works on Domino 8.5.1 and 8.5.2.

In order to minimize the size of data of the resources you can also put the resources on the Domino server. Then the gz'd files can be loaded. This brings down the size to 58.9 KB (from originally 628.8 KB).

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