Phil Riand has released the last version of the XPages Extension Library this year. Here is what he writes:

This is the Christmas release, which will be the last of the year.

It contains several bug fixes, but also shows the emphasize we are now putting on performance. The prebuilt release now includes minified versions of the JavaScript (dojo modules) and CSS files. More than that, thanks to the Dojo build system, the HTML templates are now compiled into the JavaScript files, resulting to less requests sent to the server. This is a great step forward!
Other optimizations for minimizing the downloads are also being worked out but they require some changes in the core XPages runtime, so they won't be available before the next release. Come and see us at Lotusphere for more details!

The dwa fragment had also been merged with the domino one. It doesn't change anything from a user standpoint but, if you're working with the source code, then you'll have to remove this fragment from your Eclipse workspace.

Enjoy the release, have a great holidays and merry Christmas!

I want to highlight one other feature which I think is very powerful and easy to use. The Extension Library comes with a JSON RPC Service control. This control allows calling from the client side JavaScript server side code without a full page refresh. Instead the output of the server side code is returned asynchronously. The serialization/deserialization is done internally via JSON and hidden from the consumers.

There is a simple sample in the Extension Library with a not that impressive user interface, but it shows the core functionality. There are two simple methods called when pressing the buttons:

A picture named M2

The remote methods are defined in the JSON RPC service control and implemented as usual via server side JavaScript:

A picture named M3

The remote functions are called from the client side JavaScript and callbacks are used for the asynchronous results:

A picture named M4

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